City of Rotterdam

About Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the biggest port city in Europe, and is a city full of character, as Rotterdam is different from other Dutch cities. While other cities are beautiful thanks to their old buildings and atmosphere, Rotterdam stands with a modern atmosphere and new architectural buildings. Up to 80% of the buildings in Rotterdam adopt a modern and contemporary architectural style. Few of the most iconic pieces of architecture in the city are the Erasmus Bridge, Cubic House, and Euromast. A lot of people comment that Rotterdam is a ‘grey city’ due to its plethora of modern buildings and vast public spaces. One thing for sure: Rotterdam is a modern city with its various colors. 

About the Netherlands

This underwater country is rightfully proud of its reputation as a country of tulips. The Netherlands is one of the smallest countries in Europe, but with a high standard of economy and life quality. The Netherlands is famous for its agricultural, industrial (Phillips, Ahold, and Unilever), and maritime sectors. 

Geographically, the Netherlands experiences four seasons (winter, spring, summer, and autumn). Located in the edge of Northwest Europe and with underwater height, the Netherlands is famous for its easily changing weather, second only to the United Kingdom. In one day, the weather could turn from raining, to hot, to windy, to even snowy! This normally occurs in the Netherlands and makes us, Indonesian students, frustrated when deciding which clothes to wear. 

Windmill, wooden clogs, dam, tulips, and cheese are famously known as symbols of the Netherlands. However, not many windmills and people wearing wooden clogs are left, especially in major cities such as Rotterdam. Tulips, however, are still an important icon throughout spring and summer. 

Belanda semakin mengukuhkan diri sebagai negara kecil yang multikultural. Hal ini dikarenakan banyaknya ekspatriat yang bekerja atau bersekolah di Belanda. Utamanya Rotterdam, 70% penduduk Rotterdam adalah pendatang yang berasal dari berbagai negara, seperti Indonesia (tentu saja!), Turkey, Maroko, Surinaam, Afrika, Amerika, dan negara Eropa lainnya. Masyarakat di Rotterdam cenderung sangat toleran terhadap perbedaan budaya. Masyarakat Rotterdam sudah terbiasa akan hidup berdampingan dengan berbagai macam karakter dan budaya. Faktor ini dipengaruhi oleh usaha pemerintah Rotterdam yang akitif menyelenggarakan acara kota untuk masyarakat umum seperti Dance Festival, Museum Day, atau Erwtensoep Day!

The Netherlands is continuously establishing itself as a multicultural country. This is due to the increasing number of expats and international students in the country. Especially in Rotterdam, where 70% of its residents are foreigners from various countries, such as Indonesia, Turkey, Morocco, Suriname, African countries, the United States, and other European countries. Residents of Rotterdam tend to be very tolerant towards different cultures, as they are used to living alongside people with different cultures and characters. This is supported by the government’s active effort to hold inclusive events in the city, such as Dance Festival, Museum Day, or Erwtensoep Day.