Looking for a room?

Searching for places to live in Rotterdam does require patience and diligent effort. Makelaar or landlords usually require you to meet them face to face during viewings, and if both parties agree with the conditions, you would then sign your contract. 

Accommodation prices in Rotterdam ranges from 400 to 700 Euro per month. This price range is due to several factors, such as:

  • Location, for far it is from the city center and your campus. 
  • The size of the room
  • Furnished or unfurnished
  • Service costs (Gas/Water/Electricity/Internet), whether it is inclusive or not.
  • Apartment facilities, such as bathroom and kitchen, whether they are shared with other tenants or not.
  • Elevator, washing machine, bike racks, etc.

Erasmus University offers student housing for its prospective students, such as F Building and Hatta Building through the website Student Housing, only for EUR students. The price ranges from 450 – 550 Euro, although the contract ends after only a year.


Rotterdam has several websites from housing managements for international students. Commonly, they ask for a deposit worth a month fee. The process is relatively easy, however, it is important to stay cautious when using an agent’s services. It is recommended to read the contract thoroughly and understand the agreement. Aside from makelaar, several websites facilitate the exchange of housing information. Usually the information comes directly from landlords or previous tenants, so you do not have to pay the agency fee. 

Several websites of housing providers:

Notes: If you are looking for a room when you are still in Indonesia and are contacting the landlords directly, it is strongly not recommended to transfer money through Moneygrams, Western Unions, etc. Several Indonesian students have been conned, as the perpetrator claiming to be the relative of the landlords, and that the landlords are not in the Netherlands.  They would ask you to transfer some money and promise to send you the house keys via post. This method is not common in normal housing contracts, so please be careful when your landlord suggests this.


PPI Rotterdam Housing Database

For people who live in Rotterdam and have any information regarding housing, or want to rent your place, please fill in this form.

For people who are looking for housing in Rotterdam, please fill in this form, and you would be granted access to our housing database.


You can download the MUST HAVE CHECKLIST by clicking here. Enjoy 🙂

before signing in a contract of your housing/room/apartment Please check and talk about these following items to your landlord:

1. Have you viewed the offered room/ house / apartment by yourself or by one of your friends who currently stay in Netherlands? Please DO.

Why is it important? Because sometimes, the advertisement is fake, they only use Google pictures. If you are still in Indonesia and have no one to do the viewing, ask for video call for the room tour.

2. Are you being asked to transfer the money before viewing? Please DON’T

Why is it important? Because most of the times, you can pay when you arrive in Netherlands. So, you don’t need to transfer from IDR to EUR which probably will require an additional cost. And if they push you to transfer the money before giving any details (complete address with the house number. postcode) and viewing, it is considerably, probably a fraud. Be careful!

3. Does your monthly rent include the Gas, Water, Electricity, Heater and Wi-Fi cost already?

Why is it important? Because sometimes, the cost look so cheap, but you have to arrange all of those things by yourself. Or, on the other hand, it looks expensive but everything are included already.

4. How much do you have to pay for the deposit? And how can I get my deposit back?

Why is it important?From the beginning, please ensure when (date) you can receive back your deposit and whether there are any specific terms and conditions. Because sometimes, you have to pay 2 months renting cost for your deposit. And, before you can have this money back, they will evaluate if you break something in the room/house/apartment. If you do, they will take some amount from your deposit to repair the things that you have broken.

5. In which date the contract start? Is it before you arrive, or exactly when you arrive?

Why is it important? Because if you arrive on Nov 15 (for example), then it will be better to have the contract written that you start th th th st living there on Nov 15 , so that the 1 month payment meaning from Nov 15 to Dec 15 , not from Nov 1 to Nov st st th 31 which actually you haven’t used the room/facilities during 1 – 14 Nov because you haven’t arrived yet.

6. Will you be able to register your name in that address?

Why is it important? Because to get a BSN number (a unique magical number produced by the government for you), you must have an address where you can register your name on it.

7. And if you can register in that address? Is there any additional cost?

Why is it important? Because sometimes, you are asked to pay additional cost for it (related to the taxes that the landlord must pay to the government) So, when a name registered in a particular address, the tax office will add a tax cost to that address. Why? For example: tax for trashes and water. So, more people live in a particular address, it means that, that address produce more trashes or consume more water, so the tax must be higher.

8. How can I deregister from the address when you move to another housing or going back to Indonesia?

Why is it important? Because sometimes, the landlord keep your deposit cost until you deregister from the address. If that so, do you really have to deregister yourself in the government by queueing, or, can you just do it online by using Digi-ID? Ask the procedure of this deregistration to your landlord in the very beginning.

9. Do all facilities work well at the moment? e.g. Heater, Wi-Fi, Toilet, Sink If there is any facility that doesn’t work well, how would the landlord and you solve it?

Why is it important? Because sometimes, you just realized when you arrived in that room that your heater does not work (or even there is no heater!) and when you complain about it to your landlord, they do not respond or respond it very slowly. September – April are the cold months, you don’t want dying working on your homework in freezing, right? So, make sure there is an agreement that your landlord must respond to any essential facilities that are broken within 24 hours (e.g. heater, clogged toilet, no water, no electricity)

10. During the cold months, when can you turn on the heater?

Why is it important? Because sometimes, you are only allowed to turn on the heater in some particular hours, so it won’t be 24 hours the heater on. It is important for you to know about it so you can have the same expectation. Usually, it will be nice if the heater can be turned on at least at these hours 18.00-23.00 and 03.00-08.00. But, every house is different, they have their own rules.